Why teaching?



When I first went to the United States,almost three years ago, my goal was to learn English, so I could come back to Brazil and work speaking the language. 

Before leaving, I met an English teacher from Boston. I wanted to keep having classes with a native after coming back. While talking with her she asked me what kind of job I would like to have in Brazil, and I told her I had no idea, I just wanted to work in a place where I could use what I had learned. 

It was then when she asked me about the idea of teaching. She said she knew I could do it. And it didn’t actually sound like something I would never do. I am patient, I like explaining things and teaching would help me practicing as well.

She told me she took the Celta classes and went to China and South Africa to teach kids, and by the time she finished speaking, I felt I really could do that. She explained to me the whole Celta process. Once in Brazil we started building together my future as a teacher. I no longer have classes with her, but she showed herself to be very helpful and kind.

I believe is very rewarding to be a teacher, once you get to experience different things, you get to know different people, and why not, learn with them every class. You grow as a person.

I’ll be back next Friday, talking about my first class 🙂


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