I’m back, and alive.



I was absent for almost two months, and the reason I haven’t posted anything is because things got crazy with the beginning of the course.

I am really enjoying taking these classes and I’m very excited about the future and about becoming an English teacher.

I’ve taught two classes so far, and they were both satisfatory. Of course I had negative points which need to be improved, but as the tutors are very attentive and give us feedback about our teaching practice, we are more than able to work on our development needs.

The CELTA course is very demanding, but is being amazing to learn so many things I didn’t know before.

I want my next topic to be about the non-native English Teachers in the whole world. How difficult is it to get a job once you are not a native speaker? I have someone who is helping me in this matter. She is an English Teacher, and she as well, took the CELTA course.

I got a little worried about this, because most of the countries only give the job to native speakers.

Well, this will not let me down. I know I have chances and I will work very hard to get a job abroad.

‘Till next time 🙂


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