My first assignment.





I will not talk about the subject I was supposed to.

Today I want to talk about my first assignment, why I got a ‘resubmission’ and how anxious and nervous I am about this.

The CELTA course demands a lot from you. Besides the teaching practice, which are eight, the input classes, lots of reading we have to do, peers we have to observe… we have to write four assignments. Tutors set a deadline and after analysing our work, they send us back with a Pass or Resubmission.

A resubmission means you missed some information you were supposed to write in there, or you made a mistake in terms of grammar or something.

I made a few preposition mistakes, and had to adapt an exercise that was not appropriate.

I made all the changes I had to, but now I am too nervous to send it. My deadline is in two days and today I have just sent my second assignment, which I have read more than a thousand times, to make sure I will get a Pass.

Well, I took this course for granted, I admitted it. It is hard work.

Next post I will talk about the teaching abroad and non-native speakers.




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