Non-native English Teachers and an update about the course.


Hey there,

I’m here today to talk about something I’ve been thinking it may be an issue once I get my CELTA certificate.

First of all, as I might have mentioned in my first post, I want to teach English abroad. Of course, I need experience teaching in my own country in order to be better qualified to teach somewhere else.

The thing is: some countries only accept and hire native speakers, and if you are not one they have other requirements for you to be accepted. For example, you need a four-year college degree (which I don’t have), plus a certificate which can be a CELTA or TEFL, some of them won’t hire you because you have an accent.

What I know is that some other countries (the minority) don’t even ask you for these things. If you are willing to teach and know how they will hire you.

I had a talk with my previous English teacher from California some time ago and together we talked about the countries which would be easier for me to teach. Among them are Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico and China. I mean, for a starter I don’t really mind about the first place I’m going to. I just want to have a place to start.

Well, saying all this, I won’t know how hard it is to get a job abroad until I face this challenge.

Some updates I have about the CELTA course is that I’ve passed my second assignment (YES!!!), and have taught half of the classes I’m supposed to. We even had a class to fill the documents in our portfolio and have them checked by our tutors. (I always say WE because we are seven in the class).

Now, I have done my third assignment and will send it on Thursday. I need to teach four more classes to an intermediate group (argh!) and that is it.

I feel anxious about teaching this group, but I guess everything will be ok.

This is it for today. I’m very proud of myself and the reality is that I will miss these classes once they are over.